Delivering increased team effectiveness and team building in Nigeria workforce

17 members of ScanTech Offshore’s Nigerian workforce wrapped up an action-packed team building day in January.  

The day was focused on the working environment, and how adapting it along with our business challenges and workplaces, could help to ensure an improved culture and climate of safety, acceptance and good working relationships is established. ScanTech Nigeria had a view to come together to break down barriers, work collaboratively as one site and enhance relationships amongst the team.

We spoke with Operations Manager, Sani Matori to find out more about multicultural team building and what they learnt on the day.

What team building exercises were carried out?

The activities were focused on multicultural education, equality, diversity, and cultural responsiveness. We learnt through discussion and group activities how to recognise, connect, and adapt ourselves to the other personalities. We were able to collectively embrace and take our learnings back to the workplace, putting the newly acquired skills and knowledge into practical use. 

To what extent did the team feel it was important to arrange a team building day?

Our objective as a team was to increase awareness and respect of all our different personalities and roles by participating in a multicultural team building day which would help to improve our problem-solving techniques.

We were hopeful it would allow us to discover more about ourselves and our individual personality types, to recognise and ultimately appreciate the diverse range of personalities within our team, and consequently understand and acknowledge their value to both the team and our business. And as a result, we discovered so much more about ourselves and each other.

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How will the team use what they’ve learnt in their roles?

Towards the end of the event, the teams were encouraged to reflect on their learnings from the day and consider how they could be utilised back in the workplace. Through reflection and action planning, team members could decide how to improve their departmental team-working climate and organisational culture, both from an individual and team perspective.

We have pledged to enable working with a more diverse range of people, to understand and appreciate people’s differences and to maintain good communication skills. When challenges arise, we will analyse the problem and find ways to solve them.

What parts of the day did you benefit from the most?

The best part of the day was the social engagement with our peers, ensuring the right people are in the right place and reaching their full potential. I was very impressed by how all were aware of what we wanted and needed to get out of the day, as well as maintaining good communication between us all.

ScanTech is passionate about its people as they help to make the business a market leader and innovator.