It's so hot it's cool

ScanTech Offshore responds to customer demands with the introduction of its innovative, safe and cost-effective heat exchangers for the well-testing industry.

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Answering direct customer requests, ScanTech Offshore has invested significantly in the research and development of its advanced heat exchangers to boost its world-leading well test support services.

Mark Ball, well test support engineer at ScanTech Offshore, who oversaw product development says:

"For the last thirty years, heat exchangers have used the same outdated technology. But in an attempt to future proof the system, we’ve invested heavily to ensure we have the best, most effective and highly cost-efficient rental option available on the market. Competitor offerings in the rental arena just don’t have the flow rates our systems can deliver."

Taking the shape of a 20ft container, the heat exchangers have a smaller footprint than the conventional exchanger, making them more cost-effective to ship and store. They also have a larger coil size, which allows a higher flow rate with minimum back-pressure and efficient heat transfer.

Mark adds:

"With growing demands on service and operating companies on a global scale, and the ever challenging industry landscape, the ability to bolster well test operations with external well test support services has never been more critical to achieving offshore success."

Features and benefits:

  • Assists the oil / water separation of well effluent by reducing surface tension
  • Limits foaming issues by reducing surface tension
  • Prevents the formation of hydrates
  • Reduces the viscosity of oil, so improving separation and burner efficiency
  • Automatic temperature control