Making a difference in the Middle East community 

Six members of ScanTech Offshore’s Middle East workforce contribute to supporting community day-care centre projects to enhance the educational environment for students with disabilities.

We spoke with Hire Controller, Angel Munar to find out more about the volunteering project.

Where was the community project conducted?
The Efaa (Emergency Family Assistance Association) in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, has been providing an integrated model of rehabilitation services to people with physical disabilities and amputees through its specialized programs and services for over 20 years. They pursue community partnerships to make the Kingdom the world pioneer in empowering people with disabilities through outstanding education, creating suitable employment opportunities, and integrating them within society, as stipulated in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

How many employees were involved in the project?
Six employees took part in the project, including Steve, Angel, Mahmoud, Salomao, George, Zigfred, and two employees from Intelligent Energy, Hanan, and Ebtisam.

What tasks works did the team take part in?
Everyone participated in executing the project works by painting the centre’s basic training unit, which facilitates a community service project to enhance the educational environment for students with disabilities.

The Scantech Middle East team also participated in the children’s graduation celebrations on the day,
where Operations Manager, Steve Shepherd, and the team danced with the children. It was wonderful to see the
smiles on their faces.

What was it like to be involved in the project?
My involvement in this project has improved my self-esteem, self-confidence, and life satisfaction. Giving back to
the community and doing good for others gives a natural sense of achievement. I’m grateful to ScanTech for
allowing me to oversee the organization of the community service in Saudi Arabia.

Achievement and contribution.PNG

What challenges did you overcome on the day?
None of us were experts at painting or decorating, so we were a little apprehensive to begin with that it wouldn’t
turn out to a high painting standard. However, the staff at the rehabilitation centre seemed over the moon with the
renovations we carried out on the day which made it all the more worthwhile.

Teamwork and satisfaction.PNG

How did you find having the teams help on the day?
Mrs Rana Taibah, Efaa CEO says “We do believe in Efaa that everyone’s contribution is valid to help share
and spread the center values of care. We have worked for more than 15 years to develop safe and exciting
space, for our kids with disabilities; therefore, this project with your team effort added a great value for the center.”

Maysam Bantan, Strategic Projects Manager says “We are highly grateful for the time ScanTech Offshore team took to help in repainting the walls of the Basic Training Unit. We are sure that our autistic students will love their renovated classrooms!”

Day-Care Center Team commented “We were impressed from ScanTech Offshore team for creating positive vibes
with our students with disabilities by showing the spirit of cooperation, spreading enthusiasm, and drawing a smile
on our kids’ faces.”

Before and after.PNG

What has their assistance on the day helped you to achieve at the project?
Maysam Bantan, Strategic Projects Manager says “We found out during the day that most of ScanTech’s
team have previous experience in painting from back home which definitely made us feel confident that we actually have professionals in getting the right tasks in the right way! We were able to finish the projects
within two days as planned, which is ideal for any project management.”

Day-Care Center Team commented “The team did a great job by creating an attractive work environment
for both the beneficiaries and staff. We do believe in the importance of this type of community partnership
that help, in involving our students with disabilities with society. Having ScanTech Offshore team participating in the project took the experience to a whole new level!.”