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ScanTech Offshore have a robust fleet compatible with decommissioning, and have been involved in various projects in this growing segment.

As part of James Fisher & Sons PLC we also have the capability to partner with some of our sister companies to enable us to offer larger services within the decommissioning life cycle, thus reducing the need for several different suppliers.  

The requirement during decommissioning and deconstruction for utilities such as compressed air and fluid pumping are just a few of the examples of where ScanTech can offer a number of products and services, essential during the critical decommissioning phase of a wells life cycle.   

What services can our equipment support? 

  • Temporary fire pumps 

  • Pipeline flooding  

  • Abrasive cutting  

  • Well kill equipment   

  • Fluid / pipe circulation 

  • Oil transfer 

With the North Sea decommissioning sector currently undergoing a surge in activity, ScanTech Offshore are best placed to support and maintain momentum with it's £1.5M manufacturing and operational facility in Great Yarmouth, giving great local reinforcement with a combination of expertise, equipment availability and manpower.