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High pressure booster pumps

ScanTech’s high pressure boosters are an open framed unit that has a rated air flow of 2500 acfm with an operating pressure of 2500 psig.

Discharge air from the booster is cooled down between stages and then further cooled before being fed downstream to operating equipment. Extra-large coolers have been fitted to allow the booster to work in very high ambient air temperatures without compromising on footprint. 

For safety reasons the control station is easily accessible from the perimeter of the oilfield skid as are the drains from the scrubber bottles. The booster has a 30 gallon diesel day tank for run up checks and servicing and remotely fuelled from a separate bulk tank for operation. 

Applications of high pressure boosters: 

  • Air drilling  

  • Under balance drilling & nitrogen boosting  

  • Pipeline de-watering, pigging & testing