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High pressure compressors

ScanTech’s high pressure compressors are a fully containerised unit that has a rated compressed air flow of 1070 acfm with an operating pressure range between 150 and 350 psig. The container is certified to DNV 2.7-1, the globally accepted standard for mobile offshore containers. 

Discharge air from the compressor is cooled down to 10 degrees centigrade above ambient air temperature and then filtered to remove any oil carry over to less than 0.01 mg/m³, making it technically oil free. 

Extra-large coolers have been fitted to allow the compressor to work in very high ambient air temperatures without compromising on container footprint. 

Applications of High Pressure Compressors: 

  • High oil flow rate well testing or land applications where there is a long pipeline run between the burner and the compressors 

  • Air drilling, under balance drilling & nitrogen generation 

  • Pipeline de-watering, pigging & testing 

  • Decommissioning - Fluid lifting, slurry lifting & pneumatic cutting tools