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Oil free air

Oil free air

SeaSentry is a bespoke 5 stage filtration system that when combined with ScanTech's primary air compressors cleans and conditions the compressed air to a class 0 quality.

Each SeaSentry can process 10,500cfm or 295m3/min of compressed air and ensures that the air quality meets ISO8573-1:2010 Class Zero in terms of total oil content. 

ScanTech supports Bubble Curtain projects with compressors ranging from 1600cfm (45m3/min) to 3500cfm (99m3/min) @ 8-12bar working pressure. ScanTech air compressors can be stacked to reduce vessel footprint giving the client a robust solution when deck space is tight, as shown above in our standard 1600cfm / 45m3/min air compressor set up.