All’s well on the Egyptian campaign

ScanTech Offshore engineers have developed an innovative fully automated system to monitor well test steam systems for a major oil company working on a campaign in Egypt.

All's well on the Egyptian campaign  (1740 x 700 px).png

Well test steam systems are used to raise the temperature of the well's effluents for the efficient separation of oil and water to develop the well into the production phase.

VacuumSentry is a safety device which monitors the steam boiler feed and condensate for negative pressure. Conventional systems require manual intervention in order to relieve a vacuum - a process which creates potential hazards to personnel (through cracking open live steam connections) and equipment through released steam.

However, VacuumSentry has been designed to be fully automated and thereby eliminate these risks. It also provides a visual indication of the pressure status of the equipment which shows when it is safe to disconnect.

ScanTech Offshore engineering director Steve Pierce says:

"We take great pride in innovating new products and services to suit the needs of our clients."