Full steam ahead for ScanTech Offshore

ScanTech Offshore’s innovative HeaterSentry system has topped the technical innovation group at this year’s Middle East oil and gas awards. 

Full steam ahead for ScanTech Offshore (1740 x 700 px).png

The win is vindication of all the work that has gone into upgrading the system, improving its capabilities, increasing the sophistication of its sensors and turning it from a REactive to a PROactive product.

This award comes on top of the 2013 safety award from the international association of drilling contractors for ScanTech’s PyroSentry product.

‘We can now pair up our sentry products and say we have two complementary award-winning products that enhance safety and productivity,’ says marketing coordinator, Jennifer Broom.

How HeaterSentry vaporises the competition: 

  • Steam boilers play an important role during a well test by heating the well effluent brought to the surface in order to decrease viscosity and improve separation prior to flaring. However, the heat exchangers are vulnerable to damage caused by corrosion and erosion.
  • HeaterSentry is a device fitted between the heat exchanger and the steam boiler which monitors hydrocarbon contamination and ensures safe return of hot water to the boiler. It saves valuable potable water, increases boiler efficiency and helps prevent heat exchanger stall.
  • HeaterSentry screens the water returning to the boiler, instantly detecting and identifying hydrocarbons to mitigate dangers.
  • It can also detect possible tube failures in the heat exchanger by analysing for hydrocarbons within the condensed water returns and can send an alarm – if  necessary – back to the control room which allows appropriate action to be taken by the ScanTech operator.
  • Because it is ‘zone I rated’ HeaterSentry can be safely used in hazardous environments where there is a potentially explosive atmosphere.