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Positive engagement in Petrópolis: Giving hope for flood-hit Brazil survivors

While search and clean-up efforts continue 4 days after the flash floods and mudslides in the historic Brazilian “imperial city”, Petrópolis, 5 members of ScanTech Offshore’s Brazil workforce source and deliver emergency supplies to support the local community.

We spoke with the Operations Manager for Americas, Tarsis Souza, to find out more about their humanitarian efforts. 

Tell us about the community project?  

On 15 February 2022, intense rainfall in Petrópolis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, caused mudslides and flooding that destroyed parts of the city. The high level of precipitation caused flooding within the city as well as destabilised the mountainside, causing mudslides.

At least 200 people were lost in​​​​​​​ the disaster, including at least 27 children and young adults. There are 110 people still missing, thousands of injuries incurred, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of individuals, as well as the damage and destruction of homes and infrastructure.

Recognising the city’s need for help and support, ScanTech Offshore’s Brazil workforce organised the distribution of emergency relief supplies for the landslide-affected population. 

How many employees were involved in the project?

Myself and my girlfriend, along with the support of Fabiana and Alex, and some friends from Macaé and Rio das Ostras, joined forces on 18-19 February to help those people from Petropolis.

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What tasks/project works did the team take part in?

Our team wanted to get hands-on with providing crisis donations to the city and the rescue teams, which included collecting vital supplies, such as food, water, milk, personal hygiene products, and blankets for adults and children.

What was it like to be involved in the project?

The idea to help came when my girlfriend - who is from the affected region - lost a very important family member in the tragedy. Being able to be do something to help those affected and having additional support to source and prepare the required supplies contributed to relieving some of the hardships and pains of loss, which made our efforts all the more special.

Having the support of our ScanTech Brazil team made all the difference, as it was surprising how many supplies and donations, we were able to raise together.

What challenges did you overcome on the day?

From my perspective, the challenges weren't even felt, as we received support from friends and local community members, who saw our actions and joined in throughout the day. We spent a full day collecting supplies, and an additional day shipping the deliveries to those in need, which was extremely fulfilling.

What did you take away from the experience?

In the midst of the trauma caused by this terrible event, our team wanted to bring comfort to those who lost their loved ones and give strength to those involved in the actions of solidarity with the city.

Shaun Ryan, Managing Director says “ScanTech is a company that takes our responsibility seriously. We encourage and support our people to positively engage with our communities and customers on local initiatives to protect both people and the environment. The efforts seen by ScanTech’s Brazil team demonstrates just that, and I’m extremely proud to see our people showing pioneering spirit to help provide aid to those in times of difficulty in the Petrópolis community.”