ScanTech Offshore advances safety

ScanTech Offshore, market leaders in well test support services, has announced the development of a revolutionary new burner, and is soon to launch a game-changing fully automated sub pump deployment system.

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The standard method of deploying and retrieving submersible pumps has always been a time-consuming effort, involving several hours of crane time. It ties up rig power supply, puts personnel at risk working under suspended loads or over the side of installations, and involves considerable manual handling. ScanTech’s SafeDeploy™ system replaces the traditional hang-off frame and, once installed (which requires a single lift), is fully automated and significantly reduces critical path time.

The unit measures as a standard 10x8ft container, rendering it highly compact, and is designed to be incredibly versatile, allowing it to be positioned at many convenient locations, in an environment where free space is easy to mismanage.

Deployment and retrieval of sub pumps can be achieved in 15 minutes, versus the several hours required for the more traditional methods, making it extremely efficient during adverse weather conditions, such as cyclone season, where retrieval is critical. The rapid retrieval also helps to preserve the integrity of the pump and lessen maintenance requirements.

Barry Craig, project manager at ScanTech Offshore explains:

“Advancements in technology have enabled us to create the SafeDeploy™ system. It was developed by our committed team who are dedicated to improving safety and efficiency during deployment of submersible pumps offshore.”

Following the SafeDeploy™ is the Sea Wizard Burner, aimed at reducing the number of air compressors required during well testing by up to 50%, saving valuable deck space as a result and contributing towards cutting the carbon footprint and exhaust gas by up to half.

The Sea Wizard – in development with the aim of augmenting ScanTech’s rental portfolio – will provide well testers with an alternative and safer burner with unique atomisation process. It will potentially offer a much cleaner flame with the intrinsic benefit of having adjustable heads for minimising spray interference and droplet collision.

Project engineer Scott Berry commented:

“Investment with a focus on research and development, alongside advancements in technology, has enabled us to work on the development of Sea Wizard with our partners. Centred on our commitment to improving efficiency and safety for offshore solutions, this clean and efficient burner is the latest product in our portfolio to provide increased flexibility and performance in well testing.”

The Sea Wizard Burner has undergone almost two years of development, and rigorous testing of the full-scale production model will commence mid-2014.