ScanTech Offshore has enjoyed an incredibly busy start to 2023, and despite enduring such a busy period our specialist teams are maintaining our impeccable standards around the globe.

One project which has been underway is the installation of offshore wind turbine foundations in Taiwan. We delivered a full class zero oil-free air package which will enable mitigation noise attenuation for the protection of marine life.

The project is the result of months of meticulous planning, including the engineering and manufacturing of bespoke ergonomic compact platforms, walkways, and cooling systems. All designed to work in the incredibly harsh summer environment in the Taiwan Strait.

The innovative engineering that went into the bespoke platforms enabled personnel working on the project to have much quicker and greater access to each compressor. This paired with the elimination of clutter through the individual walkway system made for a much more efficient setup.

Well done to the incredible team who worked tirelessly on this project, to deliver on time and provide the highest quality of service to our client. The project has now been handed over to our offshore team to execute the project.

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