ScanTech Offshore is working alongside German specialist HydroTechnik Lübeck to provide bubble curtains to protect marine life during the construction of three offshore wind farms in Taiwan. 

In April, a further 27 stackable air compressors were shipped out of the ScanTech Offshore UK base in Great Yarmouth to make their way to Taiwan, where they will be used to create bubble curtains around the installation of 186 pin piles at one of the wind farms there. 

This means ScanTech Offshore compressors and associated SeaSentry air purification equipment are being used to aid the construction of three of the major offshore wind farm projects currently underway in the region. 

One reason for this unprecedented surge in demand is the ‘stackability’ of the ScanTech Offshore compressors, which makes them almost twice as efficient in terms of space as the nearest competitor, explains  Barry Craig, project manager at ScanTech Offshore.

Wind farm

We are able to provide the maximum amount of compressed air for the smallest possible footprint on any heavy-lift installation vessel, this means our compressor package can be adapted for use with a variety of different vessel configurations.

Working under the newly formed James Fisher Renewables banner, ScanTech Offshore is making full strategic use of a dedicated local team of experts on the ground in Taiwan. These contracts mark an important expansion into the world of renewables for ScanTech Offshore which had built a strong reputation in the oil and gas industry.

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