Submersible pumps deliver sea water at high volume and low pressure to deck-located sea water booster pumps. Our range includes electrical and high-head sub-pumps with flow rates between 2000 and 4000 gallons per minute.

Submersible Pump And Engineer

Submersible pumps

Fully engineered, our submersible pumps offer portable independent water supply for all types of installations.  

Electric-driven sub-pumps are provided inside an approved lifting frame with integral marine life filters, ships’ code armoured cable and Zone I electric starter panels. Pumps are generally provided as dual packages to provide contingency when in the water. Our hydraulic range of sub-pumps obtain their power independently via the surface sea water booster pump and require no customary tie-in to the rig.

Our range of sub-pumps also includes the option for deploying high pressure submersible pumping systems which will remove the requirement for a topside booster pump. Each high-pressure sub pump has built in redundancy to ensure seamless operations.

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